Online Business Strategies – The Art of Leadership

Everyone has at least one. A memory of a time when you were new to something. Maybe a time when you had just met a group of people, perhaps a new job or maybe way back when you were in college and you pledged to be in that fraternity or sorority. You remember, a time when you were unsure of yourself and your new surroundings. Maybe a time when you were given a new responsibility or you didn’t yet understand your actual job. Do you remember how you felt inside? Do you remember how you thought everyone was staring at you, or how uncomfortable you were? Well, what’s this got to do with your Online business strategies and your role as a leader?

It’s really quite simple. When you’re new to something and not yet sure of yourself or your responsibilities, it’s only natural to feel uneasy and have apprehensions. When you start anything new, there is going to be some feelings of uneasiness, or even fear. When branding yourself and implementing your new Online business strategies it’s only natural to experience uneasiness before you begin growing into your new role as a leader.

Yet, now looking back on some of those times when you were so unsure of yourself, doesn’t it seem like it was nothing. Don’t you almost feel silly for ever feeling the way you did when you were faced with that new or uncomfortable situation. How is it that what seemed like such a big thing at the time, is now nothing at all. What is it that happens to us, as human beings, that allows us to adjust into new roles and take on new situations with relative ease?

Perhaps it comes with time or just age. Maybe it’s simply a matter of practice or just learning the ropes and gaining the experience needed to stand out as a leader. What ever the case, when it comes down to it, we are all wired to learn new things, grow as individuals and lead or teach others what we’ve learned.

Whether it’s starting a new Online business or something as simple as deciding to attend a new church, by stepping out of your comfort zone to try something new it is only a matter of time before you will begin to feel comfortable enough to lead others. Just think about it. How much have you change since that first day on your job or the first time you met you spouse?

No matter what it is, remember, you are in a constant state of change and hopefully growth. Just like your Online marketing strategies, things are in constant motion and always evolving. Never let your apprehensions and fear of the unknown slow you down, or hold you back. With time and practice you too will soon emerge as a leader and become comfortable with your new role.

Does Running an Online Business Intimidate You?

Are you intimidated by the thought of running an online business? Does the present economy have you worried? Is your job security making you nervous? Do you think you have a chance in today’s financial climate?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you do have what it takes to build an online business and freeing yourself from the 9-5 rat race. Matter of fact you need to be running an online business to take control of your own destiny.

Who doesn’t want to have an online business. You can work at home, set your own schedule, work on projects that you choose to work on, and make a handy income.

I remember not too long ago talking with one of my successful team members and she was telling me how running an on line business has made her a better person. She went on to say that her time management, focus, communication skills, and general outlook on life is much different than it was before she had an on line business.

I have to agree with her. Running an on line business tests your self discipline; its a never ending education. Most people who start an online business will tell you that they have read more articles, done more research, and written more content in their first year in business than they had for the previous 5 years.

But for some people fear gets in their way. Rather than concentrating on their task and moving forward they harp on the “what ifs.” What if I fail, what if my site isn’t popular. This attitude is a recipe for failure. Their fears are their worse enemy.

Once you learn how to exploit your fears your on line business will experience exponential growth. Your fears will be your businesses best asset.

It surprises me in today’s economic climate that more people aren’t running an online business. Its not as difficult as some believe, its affordable, and you’d be surprised by how many people will benefit from what you know.

The problem is most people don’t know how to drive traffic to their online business. If you can’t generate sufficient traffic to your online business you won’t generate much income. This is the main reason that 98% of new businesses fail.

The process of running an online business is too confusing for some people. There are too many variables that could cause them to make costly mistakes. A lot of these mistakes are on the technological side of online businesses. You can have great content but if it doesn’t please both human visitors and the search engines your business will not be found.

A few years ago I stumbled across a solution to the technological problem. A means for you to build a successful online business with little or no knowledge of HTML, permalinks, RSS, etc.

Site Build It is a complete package created to build a business online using their included tools all for one annual fee. They provide the hosting, domain name registration, keyword research tools, page analysis, form builders, monetization headquarters and a whole lot more. Their software handles all the technological aspects while you concentrate on writing keyword focused content.

Site Build It, however, is not for everyone. If you already have an online business that is earning a comfortable income you won’t need to use this software. Although, if you’re like most people and don’t understand the technology side of site building then this will be of use to you. I recommend SBI to my team members on a regular basis because attraction marketing and Site Build It are a perfect match.

There is a lot more to this software so I wrote an article devoted to it. The Dr. Ken Evoys Site Build It page paints a better picture about how you can build a successful business online using this service.

Making a well informed decision on what software package is best for running an online business requires some research. Look around at other packages and compare for yourself.